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8th Oct 2004, Maxwell, Hammer & Smith at Corner House.
23rd Oct 2003, Joyrider at The Red Lion, Biggleswade.
Sid Worth Benift - Review & Pics at Lizard LMV
On Tour With The Vernons In Benidorm (TV Show hmmm !!)
5th July, 21st Century Stones at Liz-Ed's.
13th June, The Vibe at The Corner House.
June Mega Review - part 1
May Mega Review - part 4 & closed (reviews, pics - loads).
24th May 2003, The Guardian Angels, Review - By Chris.
Fri 16th May 2003, Lloyd Watson Band, Review - By Angie.
April Mega Review - Closed (Loads of pics etc).
March Mega Review - Closed (pics, reviews, ie loads).
Third Jam, Liz-Ed's - some pics.
15th March 2003, Semi-Circle at Liz-Ed's.
Feb Mega Review + Pics, Rob & Mike Have Been Busy.
14th February 2003, Old Bastard, Liz-Ed's - some pics.
7th February 2003, Brimstone, Liz-Ed's - some pics.
9th February 2003, Dr Ika & Mike Chase at The Cricketers.
26th January 2003, Scandals at The Cricketers.
Some pics of Ocean from their recent gig at The Cricketers.
2nd February 2003, Sid Worth Memorial Bench Gig.
21st December 2002, Start The Car, Liz-Eds.
Dec Mega Review - Pt 2.
22nd November 2002 - Liz-Ed's Launch Party
Nov Mega Review - Pt 4 & Fin.
29th November 2002, Grounded at The Corner House.
23rd November 2002, Rubberneck at The Corner House
10th Nov 2002, SAS at The Cricketers.
09th Nov 2002, The Barflies at Liz - Ed's, Angie Gray.
2nd Nov 2002, Mudshark, Corner House, Angie Gray.
31st October 2002, John Verity at Liz - Ed's.
27th Oct 2002, The Hub Whipley Band, The Cricketers.
Oct Mega Review - Pt 2 & closed.
4th October 2002, Cuttin' Out at The Corner House.
20th Sep 2002, J C & the Moonshine Band, The Corner House (Guest review)
14th Sep 2002, The View at The Paddington, Final Gig.
Sep Mega Review -  Part 2.
June Mega Review -  Closed.
A review of Rob Vernon Reviewing !!!!!!!!!!!!! - By Rich
Golden Jubilee Weekend Mega-Review
May Mega Review -  Pt 4 - Closed.
22nd May 2002, kodeine at The Horn (reborn) St Albans.
10th May 2002, Retrobution at The Cricketers Arms.
April Mega Review -  Pt 6 - Closed.
19th Apr 2002, JBQ at The Cricketers Arms
17th Apr 2002, Red Eye Band, King William IV - Guest Review.
07th Apr 2002, Barely Alive at The Cricketers.
30th Mar 2002, Guns n Aardvarks at The Melting Pot.
March Mega Review -  Pt 4 - Closed.
15th Mar 2002, The Last Resort at The Bedford Irish Club.
23rd Feb 2002, Full Circle at The Bluebell.
Jan/Feb Mega Review -  Pt 4 - Closed.
No Name - no really, they haven't got a name yet!
17th Feb 2002, Backyard Band at The Fleur De Lis.
10th Feb 2002, Jinrai at The Circuit Bar.
02nd Feb 2002, A Band (+guests) at The Melting Pot.
The Christmas and New Year 13 in1 Mega Review.
08th Dec 2001, The Penang Lawyers at The Melting Pot.
07th Dec 2001, Spare Parts at The Corner House.
29th Nov 2001, Sugarland Slim The Arts Theatre Club.
03rd Nov 2001, The Oblivious Brothers at The Park.
02nd Nov 2001, Chris Upton Band at The Corner House.
20th Oct 2001, Kroozz at The Melting Pot.
19th Oct 2001, Breezer at The Corner House.
19th Oct 2001, QueerCake at The Corner House.
24th Aug 2001, Last Man Standing at The Corner House.
10th Aug 2001, Phil's Fusion Band at The Corner House. 
05th August 2001, Hair of the Dog at The Circuit Bar.
04th Aug 2001 A Fine Line at The Corner House. 
26th. Jul 2001, Bedford Folk Club at The Kings Arms. 
14th Jul A Man Like Ray at The Park.
2nd Jun 2001 Rik & Chris at The Melting Pot.